PICKUP (short, lead) An unassuming addict and young mom spirals out of control.
FINSTER (feature, lead) A writer and recovering addict works with a detective to track down a serial killer.
FINSTER (feature, lead) A recovering addict and writer moves to a small town.
A THOUSAND TIMES A DAY (short, lead) After losing their son in a drowning accident a couple tries to save their marriage.
ISABELLA (short, lead) A scientist discovers that she has been betrayed by those she trusted.
RIGHT OF WAY (feature, supporting) A woman struggling with mental illness seeks comfort in a friend.
CERESIA (feature film, supporting) A young mom and dancer who mysteriously died appears in her sons memories.
A WINTER’S TALE – Hermione
Dance Reel
A flirtatious college student on the soap opera ONE LIFE TO LIVE.
Catwoman fan film
A relationship drama
Celebrity Ghost Stories as Adrienne Barbeau. The retelling of the story of her mothers passing.